A goodbye in gradation

by domingo, janeiro 21, 2018 0 comentário(s)


I wish I could help you. Every times you tell me you are not ok and every day you feel bad.
It is like if i can feel it too, because when we care we just share this kind of thing.
But of course you do not know.
I used to wondering about these days,
about us, about the fact you are going to leave me.
Now I think I am better, not because I already have accepted.
It is because you have shown me how the world works and how we always make things be ok in the end.
But I cannot do the same for you. Even when I see your problems are so bigger.
Even like this, I just have no solutions for you. So one more time, I am sorry. I wish I could help you.
The only thing I am capable to do is just stay here by your side.
No words, no answers. Just me, my lost silence and my heart.
I know you are leaving, and I can see part of me leaving with you too.
But if theses parts of me will make you fell just a little better, so it is ok. Take them.
Will leave holes I can cover.

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